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CV and application

A well written, clean and precise CV can make the right first impression which could be a deciding factor to be called for an interview.  A good CV will: 


  • Be visually balanced

  • Will have the right format for the job type

  • Get the attention of employers

  • Sell your strongest skills 

  • List relevant experiences

  • Get you the interview! 


A cover letter is as important as the CV.  It is your opportunity to stand out from the rest and allow the employer to get to know you as more than just a candidate.  This is your chance to become a more attractive candidate for the specific job.  A good cover letter will: 


  • Get immediate attention from the employer

  • Display a clear connection between yourself and the company culture

  • Be well structured, easy, and interesting to read

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Brilla offers:

CV and Application

Translate CV 

Translate your CV from any language to Norwegian,

English, or both.

Price 700 Kr


*max. 300 words. 1,5 kr/word if extra. 

CV and Application

  CV Proofread
We correct grammar and spelling mistakes and make suggestions on word choice and sentence structure.


Price 600 Kr

*max. 300 words. 1,5 kr/word if extra.

CV and Application


We offer a session where we discuss job possibilities and how to make the best approach. 

Price 500 Kr/session

*a session lasts 45 minutes

CV and Application

Mock Interviews 

We arrange mock interviews where you can practice giving answers to the most typical interview questions in a confident manner. 


Price 450 kr/session 


*a session lasts 45 minutes

We can help you achieve your dreams!

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