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About us

Brilla Institutt was established in 2011 by Juliana, who has a degree in language studies and Spanish literature, and has worked as a teacher since 2002. Today, Brilla is run by two teachers and an accountant: Erlend (Norwegian teacher), Juliana (Spanish teacher), and Giang (our accountant/advisor), together with a team of over 15 enthusiastic teachers. Every employee at Brilla is a teacher. We are not only passionate about teaching, but also about the stories behind our students. We believe that teachers should not cease learning. It is this belief that makes us better teachers and has made us grow from a company with one teacher and a little group of 4 students to a company with over 15 teachers and over 300 students.

Our mission is to offer high quality language courses with a focus on communicative skills.  In order to achieve this, we work with individual students and with small groups (maximum 8 students).  This allows us to understand and cater to individual needs.  We also strive to create a positive work environment for our teachers and an open and friendly learning environment for our students.  We envision to provide a meeting space for our students where cultures, ideas, and experiences can be shared.   

Meet The Team

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