Norwegian conversation courses 

 conversation courses last only 3 weeks and we have max 8 students

Speak Norwegian easily! We realize how irritating it is to be unable to express your wishes, feelings and thoughts. From experience we can say that most of the students struggle with speaking. During these courses you will find out that speaking is easier that you thought!


Topics will vary from discussing your favorite food and the book you have read lately to politics and global warming; everything depending on your level, of course. 

During these courses you will:

- receive constant feedback from the teacher

- expand your vocabulary

- talk and talk!

We have adjusted the time of the conversation courses to our Norwegian summer courses, so that you can join both of them. If the time scheduled doesn't fit you anyway, contact us.


We offer three levels: 




Start: June 8th, July 6th, August 3rd

Mondays and Wednesdays 15.00 - 16.30 

6 sessions (12 lessons à 45 min.)

Price: 1600 kr

To sign up, contact us:

900 88 571