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☀️ Language summer 2020 at Brilla ☀️

Hei, alle sammen!

The last few days in Trondheim were really sunny and warm (for Norwegian standards, of course), so we can assume that summer has arrived!

This summer will be different for all of us. That is why we are coming with a rich offer of language courses to make sure you don't get bored this summer : )

Choose from:

☀️Norwegian intensive courses

They last only 3 weeks, so how about going from A1 to B1 this summer?

☀️Norwegian summer conversation courses

These last also 3 weeks and in our friendly environment you will be able to expand your vocabulary during this time! We have levels from A2 to C1.

☀️Courses in holiday languages

Ordering wine in French or pasta in Italian? Booking a hotel in Netherlands? Learn it with us within just 3 weeks. We have many more languages available, check here.

Brand new courses:

☀️Native language training for children

☀️Norwegian for Polish speakers

☀️Norwegian and Polish for Polish children

To find a full overview and description of the courses, click here.

Ha en solrik sommer, og vi håper vi ses på Brilla ⛱️